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Critical ReRoll

Critical ReRoll is a weekly fan-made podcast about the Geek & Sundry Dungeons & Dragons show, Critical Role, for critters, by critters. The podcast is hosted by a rotation of regular hosts with recurring guests… and the occasional special visitor.

Join us as we explore the vast wonders of Matt Mercer’s incredible world, rave about the exploits of Vox Machina, speculate what’s in store for the heroes, and discuss happenings surrounding the show. Also ale.*

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Andrew (@CritRoleStats)
Location: Texas, USA

Jess (@go_jg)
Location: Ontario, Canada.

Matt (@Matt_Abernathy)
Location: Texas, USA.

Paul (@PunyEarthling76)
Location: Scotland, UK.

Sound Editor:

Jon (@FuuMixALot)
Location: New York, USA

Theme Music:

“Critters Theme” by Doctor Galactic
Location: Missouri, USA

*(Ale probably not included.)

Iain (@ThisIsNotIain)
Location: England, UK.

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