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Hey Critters, looking for something to occupy your time in between Critical Role sessions? Have a look at this podcast Crit Juice, where another group of incredible voice actors play D&D! Here’s a breakdown:

Crit Juice is a podcast series following professional actors & comedians playing Dungeons and Dragons while under the influence. We pride ourselves on bringing the fun back to actual-play podcasts via superior audio quality and hilarious, innovative content. This page is intended for a mature audience.

DM: David Crennen

Players: Daniel Acker (Human Wizard: Arience Everstorm), Matt Buchholtz (Longtooth-Shifter Cleric: Doc Keratin), Matt Cook (Hengeyokai Sorcerer: Dar’Jjeeki), Tom Fonss (Dragonborn Fighter: Gub T. Montgomery), Brian McGrath (Human Ranger: Franklin “Wolf” Lewis), Gary M. Soldati (Dwarven Swordmage: Gralford Stoneshield)

This D&D podcast is filled with moments that will leave the listener in stitches laughing at moments of utter hilarity. A lot of drinking is involved with this podcast, so heads up there, but the more they drink the funnier they get. They even have guests along for the ride, including the esteemed Geek and Sundry Twitch host Ivan Van Norman. The podcast never has a dull moment, and is guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day. They have drinking rules that include taking a drink when: they roll initiative, crit or crit fail, use an action point, and get an achievement! Viewers can contribute to the podcast by writing in additional rules that they have to follow, an example being to finish your drink when you fall below zero hit points.

Although this is not D&D 5e, it is a wonderful and entertaining way to learn how to DM by example, and understand the base concepts of D&D. It definitely fills the gap between Critical Role episodes in the best way possible!


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