The Indoorsmen – Critters Play D&D


Grab your ax, armor, and inhaler and let the nerd games begin! The Indoorsmen is a custom 5th edition podcast that has a flair for the ridiculous. They’re not famous, nor are they voice actors; they’re just friends that have been playing D&D for a long time and it really shows – the chemistry between the players is great.

Their world is under attack by world-conquering Rakshasa, and the Gods are silent offering no help. It’s up to The Indoorsmen to unlock the secrets of their world and drive out the conquerors. There is never a dull moment with these adventurers – if they’re not cracking one-liners it’s because they’re too busy cracking skulls.

The Indoorsmen encourages listener interaction. They ask listeners to join in the creation of certain elements in their custom world, and start episodes off by responding to questions from the viewers. So, if you want a game that becomes your game the check out The Indoorsmen on iTunes, Stitcher and every Thursday for the latest episodes.

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